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Home Again Companion Animal Retrieval System



HomeAgain National Pet Recovery Database

HomeAgain microchips are designed to last your petís entire lifetime and they link to a permanent listing in our national lost pet database. This means anytime/anywhere pet recovery serviceóno matter how far your lost pet has travelled.

Lost Pet Specialists

The HomeAgain call center is staffed with Lost Pet Specialists trained to help pet owners cope with the stress of losing a pet. Trained professionals are available 24/7 to send out Lost Pet Alerts and personally guide you through the emotional process of finding your lost pet.

Rapid Lost Pet Alerts

When your pet goes missing, the HomeAgain lost pet network is on the lookout for your missing family member. We send out rapid Lost Pet Alerts to members of our Pet Recovery Network within a 25-mile radius from where your pet went missing.

> 24/7 Emergency Medical Hotline

HomeAgain is committed to protecting your pet with 24 hour pet emergency services. Call our ASPCA veterinarian-staffed pet emergency hotline for help anytime a medical emergency strikes!

Travel Assistance For Found Pets

HomeAgain knows just how far lost pets can travel. Our pet transport services will cover up to $500 to fly your found dog or cat home when he's discovered over 500 miles away from home


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