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Previcox Help for Dogs in Pain Associated with Canine Osteoarthritis

Don't let your dog suffer needlessly from osteoarthritis.

Is your dog in pain? Does he or she limp? Have trouble running, jumping, climbing stairs, or even rising from a position of rest? Cower or growl when touched? Seem unhappy and uncooperative? Your pet may be suffering from “dog arthritis,” a debilitating condition associated with joint pain and inflammation, that veterinarians call “canine osteoarthritis.”

Dog osteoarthritis is a chronic, degenerative disease of the joints that causes pain and stiffness in dogs. It affects the cartilage, bones and soft tissue of the joint, affecting mobility by making movement painful. Dogs suffering from this condition, not surprisingly, may avoid activity and may seem irritable and lethargic. To find out whether you should have your dog examined for this condition, please click here.

Arthritis in dogs cannot be cured, but it can be treated with PREVICOX® (firocoxib), a coxib-class Non-Steroidal Anti-inflammatory Drug (NSAID), designed specifically to alleviate the pain of arthritis in dogs. PREVICOX is available only by prescription through your veterinarian. If your dog is found to be suffering from dog arthritis, discuss PREVICOX with your veterinarian.


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