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How Can I Keep My Pet's Teeth and Gums as Healthy as Possible?

Allerderm/Virbac Your veterinarian is your best source of advice on dental care. Take your pet to the veterinarian at least once a year for a full physical and oral examination. The veterinarian will inform you of any professional cleaning or special procedures. He or she will also advise you regarding products and techniques for maintaining your pet's oral health at home.

Avoid feeding your pet excessively soft, moist foods or table scraps. These tend to stick between teeth and cause bacterial growth.

Remember that, even if your pet eats hard foods and/or biscuits or chews rawhides, bacteria will still accumulate without proper professional and home care.

Care for your pet's teeth as you would your own. Daily brushing is highly recommended to remove plaque and food debris. Some pets present problems and require alternative care, such as medicated mouth rinses, gels or chews.

Use dental products designed especially for pets. Most toothpastes and oral hygiene products for humans contain ingredients which may cause foaming at the mouth or gastric upset in pets. If swallowed, many of these products can be quite harmful to your pet.


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