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What is the Best Way to Start Home Care on My Pet's Teeth?

Allerderm/Virbac Begin by getting your pet accustomed to your handling his or her mouth. Several times a day, gently massage the face and cheeks. After a few days, begin gently inserting your finger in the side of the mouth between the cheek and gums. Remember to go very slowly and gently. Gently rub your pet's teeth and gums in a backand-forth motion. Rub the front teeth in the same manner. Some pets really enjoy this!

Once you both feel comfortable with this procedure (which may take a few days), begin introducing a pet toothbrush into the mouth. Coat the brush with tasty DentiVet (tm) toothpaste to enhance acceptance of the brush. Gently repeat the motions with the brush that you produced with your finger. You may need to start with only a few teeth and work your way up. It should only take 1-2 minutes to brush all the teeth. Small, circular motions are the most effective. Once you have the method down, work towards the goal of brushing your pet's teeth once a day.

Always reward your pet with a lot of praise and affection when you successfully complete a session. If your pet persistently resists having his or her teeth brushed, consider alternate methods such as oral rinses, gets or chews.


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